How To Get Unlimited Outlook Email IDs without Registering for Them

Let me share internet’s one of the ugly and ultimate truth.

We all have several email accounts and not just for personal and professional. Actually, most of as have separate emails accounts for each type of tasks.

Remembering all these email Ids, their passwords, login and out of the inboxes constantly is a big headache; even for the power users.

What if; you had your multiple email ids, but same password and same inbox. Sounds like the perfect solution.

Outlook or Hotmail As it was previously known; is giving you this awesome hot feature and new “Outlook” in emailing. If you are not a Microsoft Outlook Email user, then you are missing out this awesome productivity feature.

Microsoft Outlook gives Virtually unlimited outlook or Hotmail account and you can use them with for all kinds of purpose.

How to have Virtually Unlimited Outlook E-mail IDs.

Here is how to create your unlimited outlook email ids.

First, make sure you have an outlook account. And then, just append a plus (“+”) sign and any combination of words or numbers after your username.

For example; for facebook and use for Payoneer. Remember; you need to put the plus (“+”) sign after the username.

By doing this, you can have essentially unlimited email IDs. It works for your,, or address as well. basically, Any email with Microsofts Outlook.

To Make the best of this awesome outlook/hotmail feature and to be more productive, follow these steps below;

  1. Log in to you Outlook/Hotmail account.
  2. Create a new folder. To create a new folder just place your Cursor over the folders and click the “+” button, enter your desired folder name and press Enter.get unlimited outlook email id
  3. Now go to Options > Mail > Inbox and Sweep Rules.
  4. Click the “+” button under Inbox rules.
  5. Give a name for reference.
  6. From “When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions” select “It was Sent or Received > Sent to”.
  7. Enter your own Outlook email with the “+” sign with the desired phrase and click ok. For example
  8. Now from “Do all the following”, select “Move, copy or delete” > Move the message to Folder.
  9. Select your folder and click ok.
  10. Check the “Stop processing more rules”.
  11. Click the Ok button on top.

And, wait for the magic to happen. Any time an email is sent to your custom id, the message will appear in that folder.

You can do all the regular email activities with this “+” outlook id. Reply from that address, sign up to websites, receive notification, use them for works, social media websites and anything imaginable.

And, there is no limit to this, you can create unlimited accounts like this.

Perhaps, these features will make you dig for your old Hotmail email id now. Also, now is the time to switch to Microsoft outlook.

Did you know Microsoft outlook do not use your data to show ads like Google Gmail.

And Gmail does not have any features like this, so dear Gmail users you are stuck.

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