How to Get Label Wise Feeds for Blogger Blogs

It is very easy to find and create RSS feeds with for Blogger hosted blogs. Which helps you to grow the audience of your blog via FeedBurner email subscriptions and RSS subscription.

This feed for your blog usually looks like this; // This will generate feeds for you entire blog updates. But, do you know that blogger also generates feeds for a particular label or category too.

Most Blogger users do not know this, but this feature is very easy to use. And clever use of it can help you to do awesome this with it. Let’s say you want to get feeds of a Blogger blog for “blogger” category. Then you have to use the following URL;


Replace // with your blog URL even it is a custom domain.

This URL will generate a feed (by default atom) for all post labeled “blogger”. To get RSS feed use ?alt=rss after the URL. You can also get posts with multiple labels in the feed like this;


This will show the posts labeled blogger and FeedBurner. You can use this method to get posts with more labels.

// Comment 7/Windows 8

This will only show posts labeled “Blogger”, “facebook” , and “Blogger Comment” in the feed. When you use this tip do remember these;

  • Add ?alt=rss after the URL to get the RSS feed. Like this:-
  • Do not forget to put /-/ before the label(s) and after //
  • The labels are case sensitive. So “Blogger” and “blogger” will give you different result.

Use ?max-results=n to get specific number of posts in the results, like this


Replace n with a number to get that number for posts in feed. Here is an example of all being used;


You might be wondering “great but whats the use of this tip”. You can use the label wise RSS feeds for,

Hope this post have helped you. Do share and comment below if you have any problem.

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