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Published August 19, 2017

Four years after parting ways with Opera, Jon von Tetzchner is back in the game with a new browser Vivaldi. Co-founder and CEO of Vivaldi Technologies, A technical preview of Vivaldi browser available now.

Although it’s missing some key features and needs a lot more optimizing but still it packs a punch as there are some great features staffed in Vivaldi.

The wrong turn of Opera browser and its lack of appreciation to the community and contributors in its development; is why Vivaldi is born- according to the Tetzchner’s team developing Vivaldi.

Developers hoping to target the power users and considering what the technical preview is shown, they are on the right track for that. “A browser that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you” ─ developers explaining what Vivaldi should be and will be.

Features of Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi consists of few features that you haven’t seen in other mainstream browsers. Some other features that which are being re-imagined at Vivaldi. Let’s look at some key features that differentiate Vivaldi from the all other browsers.

Tabs Stacking in Vivaldi

To me and many; this is by far the most standout feature of Vivaldi. If you are like me; opening a whole lot of tabs in the browser then you will love this feature. In popular browsers managing multiple tabs is quite difficult and you have to use extensions to manage the tabs the way you like.

Tab stacking will definitely help browser tab management great. You can use this in two ways.

One, right-click on a tab and click group similar; this will stack all opened tab of that website in one tab. Another way is to select the tabs you want to stack via keyboard CTRL + Shift click on the tabs) » right click and select create tab stack.

This certain reduce memory usage and make managing tabs easy.

Tabs Color Change in Vivaldi

This feature is very neat. The color of the tab will change according to the dominant color and the favicon icon of the webpage you are visiting. This creates a soothing user experience.


Vivaldi Notes in Vivaldi Browser

Those who tries to learn stuff on the internet, who does research on the internet; Vivaldi notes is a great tool. Add a title, write a description, take a one-click screenshot and your note for that web page is saved. This will help you to start right where you left off.

Integration of Speed Dial and Bookmarks

Speed Dial looks similar to Opera but it has great functionality. The speed dial works like bookmarks. You can use any bookmark folder as a section in the Speed dial page. Also, you can access the bookmarks and history right from the Speed dial.

While bookmarking a page you will be shown all the bookmark folders so that you can categorize them. You can also add a separate nickname and description to the bookmarks.

Customizable Appearance

Vivaldi comes with some fun stuff. From the page action button at the bottom; you can change colors of a webpage; making it appear in grey-scale, inverting the colors, change fonts to monospace, highlight areas, skewing images.

Most interesting feature is the 3D view. You can also turn off image loading from the bottom panel.

Simple Interface

A lot is on offer in Vivaldi, however, they are not scattered. The interface is simple and functional in design.

The panel icons and bar is on the left, address bar on the top along with home, back, forward, rewind buttons at left and a search box at the right. At the bottom, there is a slider for zooming with the instant reset button.

Quick Commands in Vivaldi

The best feature in Vivaldi is quick commands. All of a sudden you have to go that web page where you left a comment a week ago. Instead of searching again in Google or going through the millions of entries in browser history; just hit Ctrl + Q from the keyboard and type what you are looking for.

You will see results are instantly given to you from the bookmarks, history and even from the open tabs.

A great debut for Vivaldi and it is totally worth your time to install and checking it out. Still, a long way to go before it even come at par with Firefox and Chrome let alone bet them.

As the ex-Opera SEO is running the operation, the Vivaldi technologies definitely targeting the Opera and going to exploit the unsatisfied users of Opera.

Vivaldi is available for download for PC supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux. Developers say a mobile version is on the way but no release date in announced yet.