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Published September 21, 2017

In afford to make communicating much more easier, Twitter recently allowed users to receive direct messages from other users if they want to. Previously you could receive direct messages only the users who you followed.

Twitter in pursuit of changing their image rolling out new features. This time they have improved the usability for its direct messaging features.

This will allow you to move your private conversations from the public domain of Twitter and actually have a private conversation. Also, you can reply to the direct messages which are sent by the users you follow.

This update from Twitter allows you to do these three things,

  • A setting that allows you to receive Direct Messages from anyone, even if you don’t follow them. By default, the receive direct messages setting from anyone is turned off. But you can change it.
  • Regardless of whether or not that person follows you, you can reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message.
  • on Android and iPhone Twitter App, You will see a new Direct Message button on the profiles of people you can send Direct Messages to.

This setting is disabled by default.

To enable receiving direct messages from anyone on Twitter, go to Security and privacy settings page of your Twitter account and change the current settings to Receive Direct Messages from anyone.

You might wonder how this helps you. It will help you to keep the private conversations private. Means receive messages to your family members, friends and colleague even if you are not following them.

Most importantly you directly send a message to big companies present on Twitter a message about your order, purchase information, problems, query and more without following them. You can send information to police, journalists, from anonymous Twitter account easily.

This feature will help you keep you private and public life separated in Twitter.