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Published August 29, 2017

payoneer reviewThe Internet has made it possible to work for a New York, London or Toronto, based firm right from the comfort of your apartment at Hanoi, Jakarta or Mumbai. There should be a just as easy and reliable solution for receiving money for that work too.

That gap between working and receiving payments for it can be bridged with Payoneer. It’s effortless system has made it world’s most popular gateway for sending and receiving money worldwide.

Payoneer supports over 200+ countries, so where are you from? It is more than PayPal or Payza and for some countries residents it is the only option.

Because of its wide range of service and remarkably comfortable money withdrawal system; Payoneer is certainly one of the world’s best payment gateway services.

Here are 10 reasons for you to join Payoneer now and start receiving money.

1. Receive Payments From Thousands of Companies Directly to your Payoneer Account

Thousands of companies from around the globe are partnered with Payoneer for sending mass payments. You can receive payments from UpWork (previously and Elance) Infolinks and more.

Payments will securely load to your account without any hassle.

2. Receive Payments Using Payoneer Account’s US Payment Service

Having a Payoneer account means as if you have a US bank account and more. If you are not from the USA and earning money from some of the global us companies like Amazon, ClickBank; you will face difficulty receiving money from these types of companies.

However with the Payoneer US Payment Service credentials given to by Payoneer after you apply for it free; you can receive money from companies directly to your Payoneer account without any fuss.

3. Receive Payments in Euro and Pound Using Payoneer Account’s Euro Payment Service

Recently Payoneer allowed its users to receive payments in Euro and Pound. This makes payments receiving easier directly to your Payoneer account from European companies in Euro. Just use the Payoneer’s Euro Payment Service credentials just like the US payment service credentials for receiving Euro in your Payoneer account.

The Euro and Pound currency is shown in a different balance in the Payoneer account. You can easily withdraw your earnings in Euro from a local bank which you have connected to your Payoneer account.

4. Get a Fully Featured MasterCard

Payoneer accounts come with a MasterCard. After you receive sufficient funds on your account, Payoneer will send you a fully functional MasterCard. Except for few listed countries, the card activation charge is just below $10.

What is great about this is it’s security features. You can set you own pin number and change it anytime you want. The new pin is ready to use as soon as you change the pin in the account settings.

5. Zero Fees For Receiving Money

You can receive money from any of the Payoneer supported partner for zero additional and/or service charge. Loading Payments comes with two options, standard and immediate. For standard loading, the charge is zero and it will take 2-3 days maximum to receive it. I received one in just 30 hours using standard loading.

For immediate loading; the charge is $2.50 and it takes only 2-3 hours.

6. Withdraw Money from any ATM Near You

This is the best feature of Payoneer; using the Payoneer MasterCard you can withdraw your earnings from any MasterCard supported ATM in over 200 countries. So that means you do not require have a bank account to withdraw your money from Payoneer.

For per ATM cash out, a $1.35 will be charge each time in the USA and $2.50 for outside the USA. Also, fees by the ATM service provider will apply.

For countries except for the USA, the standard exchange is applied in the case of ATM withdrawal. But the ATM service provider might give you a lower rate than the market price. So do choose wisely.

After a withdrawal, you will immediately able to see it in the transaction history.

Currently, the MasterCard is not available for the Indian users.

7. Withdraw Money Directly to Your Bank Account

You can add your bank account to your Payoneer account and receive money directly. There are no fees for adding one or more bank accounts. And the withdrawal fee as very low compared to the ATM withdrawal.

But there may be a fairly high withdrawal limit for it. In most cases, the Payoneer’s minimum withdrawal limit is $200.

Shopping with the Payoneer MasterCard

Having a MasterCard saves you from shopping troubles. If you have enough balance in your Payoneer MasterCard you can do retail shopping from anywhere without any problem. Payoneer does not charge anything for shopping with its MasterCard.

Earn $25 Bonus From Payoneer

Who doesn’t like to receive some bonus money? Payoneer gives your $25 when inviting one of your friend and them sign-up.

So CLICK HERE. Sign Up and get $25 Bonus.

Is Payoneer Safe?

So the final verdict is Payoneer is very safe and legit company. And you can trust them.