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Published May 6, 2018

For the job or personal work, you use Microsoft Word (those files ending with .doc/.docx) to write important documents and save them.

These are more often contains sensitive information and will create a problem if it falls into wrong hands.

Rather than worrying about it, you can just simply add a password to the file and stay safe.

This video below shows how can you do this. Also, read the instructions below.

To add a password to MS Word file:-

  1. Open your desired MS Word(.doc/.docx) file.
  2. Click “File” tab in the top right corner.
  3. Under “Info” (find and click on info tab on the left if required), find “Protect Document” and click it.
  4. Click “Encrypt with Password”.
  5. Enter your desired password and click OK. Re-enter your password and click OK.
  6. Now save your file (Click Save button/ Hit CTRL+S on the keyboard/ go to File>Save).

That’s it. The password is set. Now every time you try to open the file, it will ask the password.

Remember to save your password in a secure place. So when you forget it you can find the password and open the file.