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Published September 9, 2017

Many experts of Microsoft Office will tell you that it is not possible to insert your images from your scanned directly as they will say Microsoft have removed it from the software.

They are not necessarily wrong. As you will see; that there is no option of doing it so in the ribbon of MS word 2010, MS Excel 2010, MS word 2007 or MS Excel 2007.

But in the 2010 or 2007 version of MS word and MS Excel, that option is not available. However, you can still insert an image from your scanner if you follow this simple steps given in this post.

Open MS word or MS excel window and flow the instructions below with the help of the images:

  1. First, press the Alt on the keyboard.
  2. Then press subsequently I, P, S key on your keyboard.
    Insert Image from Scanner/Camera in Word/Excel 2010 [Solved]
  3. A small window will open titled “Insert Picture from scanner or Camera”
  4. Select your scanner or camera device from the “Device” drop-down menu.
  5. Uncheck the “Add Pictures to Clip Organizer” if you don’t want the picture to be saved in the clip organizer for later use.
  6. Click “Custom Insert”.
  7. Now if you inserting an image from a scanner; you will see the scan-gear for your particular scanner. If required, customize your scan settings and click “Scan” to scan the image. After the scan is over, the image will automatically be pasted into word/excel window.
  8. If you are inserting an image for a camera you will see a window named “What picture do you want to copy”. Just select your picture(s) and click “Get Pictures”.

Before you attempt to do this do make sure that your scanner or camera driver is properly installed and properly connected to your PC. Use this process to insert an image into you MS Excel 2010 document.

After you inserted the image, you may face problem in using some advanced editing and customizing features in the picture tools. Do not worry; just cut/copy the image and then paste it again, you will see that all options are available at the picture tools in the ribbon.