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Published August 20, 2017

Facebook have recently added a call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the on Facebook pages for businesses which will help your business grow and get a positive return on investment for all your social media marketing efforts.

Also, it is not new to Facebook as you have seen them with Facebook ads. But for Facebook pages, it is new but warmly received.

Why should you use Call-to-Action Buttons on Facebook Page

First, answer the obvious question that in on your mind; this feature is free to use for all. You will not require to spending money on Facebook advertising to use this.

Most importantly this will help highlight your main objective of the page. Depending on the type of button you are using; the CTA button on Facebook page will help promote and grow the business you are running.

They button can be seen on desktop and mobile. It also allows you to serve suitable versions of your call-to-action element for desktop users, Android phone users and iOS users.

Let’s say you have built an App and you have made an Android version, iOS version, and a desktop browser version for it. You have a Facebook page for promoting your App. In this case; the call-to-action button upon click will take users to appropriate destination related to their device. If I click on the call-to-action button from my Android mobile, the App will open for my use; and if it is not installed then I will be taken to the Google Play for installing it on my android device.

So you can see how useful this feature from Facebook can be.

What are the Options for Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

Right now only 7 option for CTA button on the Facebook page is available. Let’s see which one fits your business;

  1. Shop Now: Do you sell your products online, then the ‘Shop Now’ button is for you to drive Facebook users to your online store.
  2. Book Now: This will ease the process of booking your services for your Facebook fans easy. This feature will help in making a simple appointment or scheduling, selling.
  3. Contact Us: It is exactly as the name suggests, suitable for service businesses.
  4. Use App: Have an app then this CTA button will help you in increase downloads of it.
  5. Play Game: Build a game then this CTA button will help you encourage Facebook users to play it.
  6. Sign Up: Want to increase subscriber to your website’s updates, add more users to your blog/forum/website, build a community and more; then Sign Up CTA button is your option.
  7. Watch Video: This CTA will help driving traffic to your video content. If you publish videos on your website or in social medias such as YouTube; then this is for you,

It would be great if Facebook allows adding custom buttons text along with these options. Now that you are acquainted with the buttons follow the institutions below to add a CTA to your Facebook page.

How to Add CTA Button on Facebook Page

    1. Log in to Facebook and go to your page.
    2. On the desktop, you will see a “Create a Call-To-Action” Button on the right bottom and next to the like/share buttons. Click on it. If you haven’t seen it before; then most likely Facebook will take you through a wizard to help you choose call-to-action button.
    3. After clicking a button the “Create a Call-To-Action Button” box will come up. Select you desired button, add URL of your website, you can also add the mobile version’s link of your website but it is optional. Then click ‘Next‘.
    4. Select website or App which one the iOS users will be taken to upon clicking the CTA button. If you select App and add deep link URL correctly so that the App can be opened directly from it. Also, add the URL where the app can be downloaded (App store) in case a user does not have it installed. Click “next”.
    5. This time you will be asked for Android devices, the options are same as iOS (step-4).
    6. Click “Create” once you set destination for android.
    7. And the CTA button is like on your Facebook Page.

You can track how many times the buttons have been clicked on the ‘This Week‘ stats sections right next to your Facebook cover.

How to Make the Most out of the Facebook Page CTA Button

Adding CTA button will not bring you success, it’s how you use it in your overall social media strategy is which bring you success. Here are few tips that might help you regarding the use of CTA button.

  • The CTA button on Facebook Page will have relatively low clicks; as you page fans do not return your page every day even though they like the contents of your page in their news feed. So try not to deceive the user. Make sure you use appropriate buttons and URLs for them.
  • Using short URLs or URL tagging so that you can track of the Facebook call to action button clicks.
  • You should take the opportunity of setting mobile appropriate and friendly destination for iOS and Android users. This is a must for apps, games, online stores.
  • Make you cover image in a way that points, explains, and thus encourage clicks from CTA button in the Facebook page.

If you can add more tips to these, put them forward in the comments section below. Also, share your experience of using the CTA button. Do share and subscribe.