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Published August 27, 2017

You have made a list of your clients with some basic information like name and date of birth.

You used Microsoft excel as it quite easy to store this types of data. Now you need to know the age of the clients to find what products in your store might suit them.

You cannot can each client and ask them what is their age now. That is just physically impossible. And to avoid this kind of problems you used Excel at the first place.

All you require the date of birth and simple command to remember for calculating age in any version of MS Excel. Follow the instructions below;

    1. Create a new excel file you excel software in your computer, tablet or online using Open the created excel file.
    2. Enter necessary data. Let’s consider you have entered data containing the following (or similar).Here;
      1. Cell-A1 is labeled as ‘Name’.
      2. Cell-B1 is labeled as ‘Date of Birth’.
      3. Cell-C1 is labeled as ‘Entry Date’.
    3. Now let’s select a column and name it ‘Age’. Which means in our excel sheet, the cell-D1 will be labeled as ‘Age’.
    4. Select the first empty cell in the ‘Age’ (which will be cell-D2). Here in the D2 cell you have to type in a command by following instructions below;
      1. Type in =DATEDIF(
      2. Then click on the cell-B2 or type it in.
      3. Press the comma key ( , ) to move to the next cell,
      4. Click on the cell-C2 or type it in.
      5. Again press the comma key ( , ),
      6. Now type "Y" (with quotation marks).
      7. type ) [close parenthesis]
        The whole command will look like this; =DATEDIF(B2,C2,"Y"). Here in place of“Y”you can use;“M” for calculating age in months.“D” for calculating age in days.
    5. Copy the formula from the cell-D2 (original/first cell) and paste it into the cells below by keyboard shortcut CTRL + V, or you can simply take the mouse cursor to the right bottom corner until you see the pointer changes to crosshair (see the image below).Left click + Hold + Drag the cursor by scrolling to the bottom of the column as bottom as your data goes.

    6. Immediately the results are generated for each persons’ age.
    7. Don’t forget to save the Excel sheet.

This tip will work on all versions of excel including Excel 2013 and the Excel online by Microsoft outlook. Not just for calculating age it can be used for calculating time passed between two dates; i.e., how long ago a client visited your facility, how long ago you purchased a particular inventory for your store, and more.

Bonus Tip:

On the above example, age from a fixed date is calculated. But if you need to calculate what the age stand today, use the command.=TODAY()

Hope this helped. Do share and subscribe and if you are facing any excel problem; put it forward in the comments section below and we will try our best.