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Published August 15, 2017

Automattic is the people who gave us WordPress, Gravatar, Akismet and other awesome web services; presents us IntenseDebate. Despite falling behind of Disqus and livefire, IntenseDebate is still a great tool for blog comments.

If you are looking a solid 3rd party commenting solution for your Blogger site then among the alternatives IntenseDebate is a great option. Other options for Blogger are Livefyre comments, Disqus comments, and Facebook comments.

Thanks to the team of IntenseDebate, the installation of it in Blogger is simplified. Few things you should know about it:-

  • Easy to implement in your Blogger blog.
  • Easy to moderate the comments.
  • Allows Facebook and Twitter users to comment on your blog.
  • An RSS subscribe feature with the comment box for both comments and post updates.
  • Allows adding several awesome plugins like; social share button, YouTube video embedding, smileys, CommentLuv, spell checker and few more.
  • Can create your own plugins and use them.
  • ‘Reputation points’ system for rewarding the users for well-thought and constructive comments.
  • You can customize the style of the comment section by your own CSS codes.
  • Easy for visitors to report spam comments.
  • And more can be said for IntenseDebate.

Among all these positive things one factor is very unbelievable, the user profile links and links in the comments are not equipped with.rel='nofollow' Also, it is a tad slow to load in comparison to its competitors. Other than this almost everything is fine with IntenseDebate.

Now let’s see how to add IntenseDebate comments in your blogger blog. The entire process is divided into small there parts.

Step-1: Get the XML file of the Current Template From Blogger Dashboard.

First, you will need the XML file of the current template of your desired Blogger blog. For this;

    1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template.
    2. Click ‘Backup/Restore’ on the top-right corner of the window.
    3. On the opened dialogue box click ‘Download full Template’ and save it on your hard disk.

Step-2: Create an IntenseDebate Account.

For creating a IntenseDebate account;

    1. Go to and fill up the information.
    2. Select “I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog or website”.
    3. After that click ‘Sign up’ and verify the registration.

Step-3: Install Intense Debate in your Blogger Blog.

For installing IntenseDebate:-

    1. Go to install page on IntenseDebate.
    2. Enter your blog or website URL.

      If you enter your blog URL with (e.g., ) then you will immediately be taken to step 3. And if you using a custom URL for your blog (e.g.,; then you will need to choose the Blogger platform in the second step.

    3. After that, you have to upload you downloaded XML file of the current template of your blog. Click ‘choose file’ to select your template and then click ‘upload file and continue’.
    4. On the next page, you will receive the updated template. Copy the given code. Also, its wise to save the code in notepad.
    5. Now you have to replace the old template with the new one given from IntenseDebate. For this go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Click HTML.
    6. Select the entire template Ctrl + A and paste the given template.
    7. And click ‘Save’.

That’s it. You have enabled IntenseDebate comments in your blog. Go to the setting in the IntenseDebate dashboard to make changes in the comment section.
Please do remember that;

  • IntenseDebate comment will replace the Blogger default comments. So it is not required to disable or hide the comments from the Blogger Dashboard.
  • You can moderate the comments by logging in the account and going to the moderation page and/or you can do this directly from the comment form on post’s page after logging in.
  • That means you cannot moderate comments directly from the dashboard of Blogger.

The ease of implementing and assessing the IntenseDebate comments makes in one of the popular choices to use in the blog. If you have any question then do put forward them in the comments section. Do share and follow us.